A Good Phone System is a Must for Any BusinessA Good Phone System is a Must for Any Business

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A Good Phone System is a Must for Any Business

When I decided to open a shop to sell my hand-made clothing and accessories, I knew I would learn a lot of lessons along the way, since I don't have a business background. One mistake I made when opening my shop was having just a single phone line. I really didn't think I needed an intricate phone system, as I just have a small shop. One day a customer came in my shop and told me she had been trying to call my shop for days, but she never received an answer. She told me the others had been calling too, and the rumor was that I had closed my shop. I learned that my single line was leading to unhappy customers and even rumors that I went out of business! I then invested in a good multi-line phone system and haven't missed a call since. Enjoy my blog!

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Hosted PBX: Why Use It?

When sorting out the way your phones will work in your company's offices, traditional options could be obsolete. A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system hosted and maintained by a service provider might be better. Usually such systems will work as part of an internet phone or VoIP package. How could PBX systems benefit office work?

1. Easier Setup

If your offices are already open, you could be relying on personal cell phones to communicate with your workers or you have an old phone system that's ineffective. The idea of having your offices disrupted by an installation of an entirely new system may not satisfy you.

With host — or hosted — PBX systems, the installation is simpler. You're likely to receive modems and compatible headsets with detailed instructions without worry. Because your "host" is not on-site, internet provider companies' goals are to get you started on your own right away. You shouldn't need a technician for setup.

Such installation ease will also help if you're planning to scale up or back. A hosted PBX system from a company like Unified Global Solutions will make adding or subtracting phone lines very simple.

2. Greater Flexibility for Home Workers

If you'd like to hire home workers or offer current employees the chance to work from their homes part of the week, PBX systems are important. These systems enable phone calls that travel over the internet; your home workers will have the complete ability to take and make calls just as if they were still in their office.

3. Less Maintenance

Because your PBX system will be hosted by skilled IT personnel off-site, concern about deleting old messages and other issues isn't necessary. Any updates or solutions needed will be addressed by the system's internet provider and their workers. This frees you; your own company-related tasks can happen without the additional burden of keeping the phone system running.

4. Increased Features

Taking or placing calls is done in many businesses, but PBX systems are best for offices that need multiple phone system features. For instance, if you and workers will use voicemail, call forwarding, or multi-speaker calls regularly, PBX systems offer these features affordably. Adding extra services can add up to very high costs if you go with traditional phones.

Hosted PBX systems are worth considering. After repeated consultations with vendors, try some demos of multiple PBX systems. You can see what hosted solutions work and how they differ from other offerings. Ultimately, your final decision to use a hosted PBX system will pay off.