A Good Phone System is a Must for Any BusinessA Good Phone System is a Must for Any Business

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A Good Phone System is a Must for Any Business

When I decided to open a shop to sell my hand-made clothing and accessories, I knew I would learn a lot of lessons along the way, since I don't have a business background. One mistake I made when opening my shop was having just a single phone line. I really didn't think I needed an intricate phone system, as I just have a small shop. One day a customer came in my shop and told me she had been trying to call my shop for days, but she never received an answer. She told me the others had been calling too, and the rumor was that I had closed my shop. I learned that my single line was leading to unhappy customers and even rumors that I went out of business! I then invested in a good multi-line phone system and haven't missed a call since. Enjoy my blog!

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What Features Are Expected From A Small Business Phone System?

Business phone systems have come a long way since the analog era. The new VoIP business phone systems are now fitted with features that allow your business to operate more efficiently and professionally. This article will look at some of those features necessary for small businesses:


This feature makes it possible for a caller to leave a message when there is no one available to pick their call. You can come back later and respond to the call at your convenience.

Auto Attendant

The caller gets to choose a service from a menu which directs them to the right receptionist.  This is one feature that is likely to impress clients as it gives your business a highly professional touch.

Call Forwarding Service

Also known as Find Me Follow Me, this service makes it possible to forward calls to a place of your choice in the sequence you want. You may want them to first go through an auto attendant before coming to your mobile device. This feature is ideal for sales oriented businesses where you don't want to miss a call.


When the caller is waiting to be served, instead of silence, he is entertained with music or with the latest information on the company's products.

Voice Mail Transcription

This service transcribes voicemail and sends them to your e-mail address.

More Extensions

It has become easier to add extensions to your existing network, without using wires. This is done on your computer through bandwidth. You can have as many extensions as your bandwidth will allow.

Call Monitoring

With this service, you can monitor active calls, listen in and give instructions to the person answering the call without the third party hearing. This service is used for training staff on customer service.

Call Screening

This feature shows the caller ID so that the caller may be redirected appropriately.

Do Not Disturb

You may be at a meeting or having lunch and do not want to be disturbed. This feature will redirect your call to another service such as voicemail. This ensures you don't miss any calls.

Call Logging

This feature generates data on incoming and outgoing calls over a certain period. It shows the call's origin, destination, cost, and duration. It can be useful as a management tool.

These business phone features are a must have for any growing business. If customers cannot reach you, they will go to your competitors. You do not have to lose business through missed calls. Contact a company like BTPVoice for more information and assistance.